Very refreshing LG 360 Cam Webcam Tests – Overview

Very refreshing LG 360 Cam Webcam Tests – Overview

The LG 360 Cam is a miniature webcam with some very unusual features. The device allows you to record films in 360 degrees, which gives the viewer the opportunity to look around inside and outside the footage. At the same time, LG’s miniature camera is very impressive in its size.

LG 360 Cam webcam tests

LG 360 Cam Reviews

You don’t have to be a tech aficionado to see that the LG 360 Cam is a very unusual piece of hardware. The webcam has an unusual shape and, above all, two large lenses located on both sides of the gadget. These elements are of great interest to the LG 360 Cam. During testing, I was asked about this webcam even by people who are not usually interested in new technologies.

We are already used to spherical panoramic images. For years, we have been able to see this in Google Street View. Rotating inside photos is an interesting experience, but doing the same in a video is a different story! 360-degree video makes a huge impression, even if we watch it on a smartphone. If we decide to use VR glasses, the experience will be even better.

LG 360 Cam - Reviews

LG 360 Cam webcam test – how it works

Each camera lens captures a 180-degree view, and both images are automatically laid out in a 360-degree spherical panorama in each direction. In the LG 360 Cam, you can save both videos (2560 x 1440 at 30 frames / s) and photos (16 MP) in this way. Three microphones record sound in 5.1 format.

There is also a single-lens video and photo mode. We have the option to choose from three wide viewing angles.

The device surprises with its small size. It measures less than 10 cm high and 4 cm wide, making it the smallest of its kind on the market. The LG 360 webcam is much smaller than the Ricoh Theta S camera. This is very impressive as the LG webcam surpasses the Ricoh cameras in terms of power and quality. Ricoh only records in Full HD. Differences in resolution are much more noticeable in 360-degree recordings than in classic recordings.

In "flat" films, the resolution is clear. Recording has Full HD 1920 ? 1080 pixels. In the case of filming 360-degree films applied to the entire area, after viewing, we see only part of the frame. Therefore, the higher the 360-degree recording resolution, the better.

Setting up and operating the LG 360 Cam

The operation of the LG 360 Cam is simple, although there is something for those who like manual settings too. In addition to the switch, we only have one button, the shutter release. If it is pressed, the camera takes a picture. If you hold it for a second, video recording starts.

LG 360 Cam test - how it works

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