GTA 7 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, Plot, Game Play, Story & Characters

Grand theft auto has been a very successful series for Rockstar, & it is an obvious Rockstar would continue this franchise even after the release of GTA 6. The franchise has made us; the gamers fall in love even more & more with every passing season. The success of GTA 5 was incredible as it became one of the best-selling game of all time. Though GTA 6 is yet to be released & GTA 7 may seem farfetched but what’s wrong in expectation? We are trying to create a wishlist & try to make some guesses, understand some rumors that are circulating in the gaming industry for this franchise. Download GTA 5 Apk 


Now, before we go into GTA 7, let’s take a small walk down the lane & recap what we have seen in GTA 5.  GTA 5 was initially launched with only single player mode & later on a multiplayer mode was released. Launched in 2013, GTA 6 is long due, but don’t hold your breath yet as it will take a little more time. The game allowed both first-person as well as a third-person basis. The version revolved mainly around three characters or lead protagonists, allowing gamers to switch characters when & where needed. The plot revolved around Michael Townley, Trevor Philips & Brad Snider, Michael was drawn into the world of crimes in search of money when a Mexican drug dealer asks for the compensation after he(Michael) destroys his (drug dealer’s) girlfriend’s house out of anger, when he finds his wife sleeping with her tennis coach in that house.  Starting from that point, there comes a time when the three characters meet each other & the story moves on as there are different mission which are to be completed & there is the option for free roam. Free roam allows a gamer to indulge in the open world, interact with other characters, vehicle & go to different places. The story life of GTA 5 revolves excellently providing details about of every character’s individual lives & habits. Every time you drop in to any character you’ll find that character doing something else like watching TV, driving while listening to songs & many more. The picture of Sam Andreas has been portrait perfectly leaving space for multiple activities throughout the game. The more you play the more you will find resemblance with real world. With attention to details in every small aspect makes the game more intriguing. Instances like the tents on the top of Mount Chiliad, the view over the city on a helicopter, & many more will blow your mind. This game is not just about completing the mission, roaming in the free world & interacting with an open environment provides a richer experience & displays the rich graphics. The game is mostly bug free & has a decent frame rate.



Well first things first, GTA 6 is due. Rockstar had their focus stuck with Red Dead Redemption 2 which is scheduled to release in PS4 & Xbox this October.   Red Dead Redemption 2, revolves around the ‘Wild West’ of the US & have taken a total of 8 years to be released. Rockstar, a company started in Edinburgh, the UK has decided to put forward their best effort to work on these two games mainly Red Dead Redemption 2 with the association of all their 10 offices across the globe. Their effort to change the open world adventure gaming can be seen with their new & improved AI system which has been developed with the combined effort of all the offices & over a period of 6 years. The new AI system is intelligent to access different situations & make the characters react differently with every different situation, for instance, civilian’s reaction when they are approached with a gun & when they are not approached with a gun. These small details would for sure change the open world experience of the following GTA too & we hope to experience the same kind of intelligence from GTA 6 & 7.

GTA 7 Features


 A definite change in the plot from the previous versions is expected. Though there will be a  great continuity with the central theme of the game but the introduction of other characters would be very welcoming. Imagine characters of a different nationality, maybe the underworld society joining hands with our central character to pull off a world bank robbery. Well maybe not but imagining something like that already gives me goosebumps.

We would also crazily love the fact if the plot introduces a crazy, sexy, wicked female protagonist & our two leads then will start the journey to conquer the world. Or in a much-liked scenario, our lead protagonist starts the story by fighting with our new female protagonist & later on through the story they start working with each other. Well, who knows what will happen we are all crazy fans. A lot would depend on GTA 6 & its plotting. If GTA 6 becomes a continuation of GTA 5 which is unlikely we can see a totally overhauled plot for GTA 7.

Multiplayer was released later on GTA 5, but GTA 7 should have this feature from the very release of the game. The control over the open world environment should improve the gameplay in multiplayer mode too.


Believers believe that GTA 6 would come back in the original city of Vice city and also showcase parts of South America. If so, there would be high chances that GTA 7 would have a change in the city, we would love it to show us the beautiful cities of Europe or Asia & the best part would be, the series showcasing different countries. Though it will be a difficult job for the team but keeping in mind the time frame & the team it is not impossible. It is very difficult to know until an official announcement from Rockstar is made. Imagine GTA 7 with a beautiful mix of both the worlds, city life where you can jump off Burj Khalifa & at the same time gamers enjoy the view of a gorgeous sunset into a British countryside. Making full utilization of the open world nature of the game. Rockstar’s 10 different offices in a different location can chip in with a wide variety location.


There are high hopes that we will be able to see new characters in GTA 6. Preferably a female protagonist who might be the main character, but if not GTA 7 will surely see the introduction of new characters. Officially there has been no confirmation by the team about the character line-up.  Much of GTA 7 will depend on GTA 6 & its storyline. We think GTA 6 will have the same lead character Tommy Vercetti as they return to Vice City & parts of South America, but there will be new character introduction, who will be the other protagonists in that series. If GTA 6 doesn’t have new character introduction we will definitely see the new lead protagonist in GTA 7, maybe a female protagonist this time.


With the hint of Rockstar’s improve AI in their franchise Red Dead, we will have a great experience with GTA 6 & GTA 7. Both should have an out of world experience stored for us. Detailing & character built up should give us an experience which will skyrocket through the roof. With more & more realistic touch the game should be challenging & would vary on every decision making. Rockstar has shown a richer experience in RDR2 where you can interact with any pedestrian character you want. For instance, the game allows you to walk around campfires, eat, drink or chat with other characters when you roam around. Other realistic touches like if you lose your belonging you either have to buy one or get one somehow, it won’t re-spawn next time you need it. We are hoping an even better experience with GTA 7 this time around.


RDR2 has shown the world the beauty of dynamic environment which creates bubbles of constant, associated world. This allows the creation of puddles in horse hoof prints when rains. Allows facial hairs to grow over a period of time & to be able to shorten when you want. Journalists have spotted something as detailed as, building of homes in the demo version of the game. We are pretty sure GTA 7 will have this feature which can intrigue you in a manner GTA never did before. Overall there, will be diverse city atmosphere allowing characters to interact with various other living as well as non-living being. Characters should be able to interact with more buildings, shops, vehicle, people etc.


This is another feature we believe GTA 7 will surely have. Virtual reality support with PlayStation VR & Oculus will surely come in. Augmented Reality though is dubious, but having small instances in the storyline would improve the overall gameplay. Introduction of gadgets & technology from future may be seen in GTA 7. Imagine GTA 7 being the most hi-tech game you have ever played


Vehicles & Guns are an integral part of this franchise, GTA. Vehicles & Guns update is something which is obvious & you should expect it, only this time these become more & more realistic. Imagine your garage filled with exotic cars & bikes, where you can interact with any & all. For instance, cars & bikes having their unique exhaust notes, colors, ability to change rims or modify each of them the way you like. Rockstar can tie-up with different companies to showcase their cars or bikes even better. Now think of weapons, when you are the most violent criminal in the US, you must have hi-tech weaponry. Guns with scopes, infrared to tanks. Well, why not?

 GTA 7 Release Date

Well talking about release date of gta 7, it is something which is a long way away. The first priority of Rockstar would be GTA 6 once Red Dead Redemption 2 is released. If we follow pattern GTA 5 will be announced only year & half after the release of RDR2. GTA 5 was announced, nearly 17 months after the release of Red Dead Redemption.  On the other hand, GTA 5 was released 3 years after GTA 4 which was released in 2009. We hope to see GTA 6 announced in and around the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2021 & GTA 7 at the end of 2026-2027. One thing which is evitable is GTA 7 not being released.

Also, this time around we hope we’ll see it is released on all platforms of PlayStation, Xbox as well as PC from the very beginning. Let’s hope for the best & keep our fingers crossed.

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