Dualshock 5 release date, features and other detail

PlayStation has always been one of the best and most loved gaming consoles available in the market. And regardless of the age group, the PlayStation has numerous fans across the globe and if you were looking forward a new gaming console for yourself, then the PlayStation would be the first recommendation from numerous users who are currently using the PlayStation and are aware of the benefits of using it. Although there are numerous reasons for the recommendation, the most prominent one would be the Dualshock.

In the simplest words, the Dualshock is the controller by which you can control the functionalities of your PlayStation. And unlike the other game controllers intended for the gaming consoles that solely work while gaming, the Dualshock controllers can be used for almost every single operation related to the PlayStation. So if you were looking for the best controller for your PlayStation that can not only help you enjoy your favorite games, but also will help you enjoy watching images and videos on your display, then the DualShock is a brilliant choice.

Choosing a new gaming control can be a tricky thing to do, and if you are not sure of the product you should buy for the best value for money, then you might end buying a wrong one. So, go with the recommendations, and buy the DualShock if you are using the PlayStation at home. It is an easy and reliable buy for the PlayStation users. So, choose a perfect version of the DualShock and if you are willing to buy something exciting, then you should wait a little more and buy the DualShock 5, which would be announced soon.

What is the DualShock, and why it is popular among the gamers and PlayStation users

As said, the DualShock is a controller through which you can control various functions on PlayStation. And out of the various other reasons of choosing this among the other gaming controls, the most prominent ones are listed as follows

  • Enhanced supports for PlayStation games
  • Brilliant response time
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Fast charge and efficient design for the gamers

The DualShock has numerous benefits that you can avail by buying one for your PlayStation. And in addition to these benefits, there are plenty of more benefits and reasons why you should opt for the DualShock which is a great buy for the PlayStation users and also is a great option for the compatible gaming consoles. You can experience and feel these benefits only when you use it once. So, instead of searching for the best gaming controller, opt for the latest DualShock to enhance your overall gaming experience.

So, if you were looking to get the best experience with your PlayStation, you should try your hands on the DualShock instead of buying any other Gaming controller.

The New Generation of Dualshock Controller

As the technology enhanced, the design, technology, and usability of the DualShock Controller have also improved. With the launch of PlayStation 5, we can now expect a newer and more enhanced version of the DualShock controller for the gamers, and those users who love using their PlayStation for different purposes. With new DualShock, we can expect numerous new features and design enhancements, which eventually will enhance the overall value of money of the buyers. Here are a few things that we can expect with the new DualShock, which would be the fifth version of the DualShock.

  • New and lightweight design

The first and the most obvious change that you are going to notice about the DualShock 5, is the new design that will make it one of the slimmest and easiest to use DualShock controller till date. The new DualShock will be slimmer and have better control placements. This will make it a better choice for the gamers, and those users who rely on the DualShock for using most of the PlayStation functions. Moreover, it is being said, that the Dualshock 5 will perfectly work with the previous generations of PlayStation too. So, if you already own a PlayStation gaming console, and have no mood of changing their gaming console, then too, you can buy the Dualshock 5 for yourself.

  • Better charging speed along with wireless charging capability

Next great thing that you are going to notice while using the new DualShock 5 is the better and more reliable charging capability. It is being rumored that the new dual shock will have wireless charging capability. Moreover, you will now be able to charge your Dualshock while playing games and using other functions (up to a certain level). So, you won’t need to charge your DualShock controllers separately. In addition to this, the new DualShock 5 will have a lesser charging time. So, you can expect the better usability from the new DualShock 5. Charge it while playing your favorite games, and forget about charging it separately, and dead batter while playing the game.

  • More fluid and easy to use controls

The buttons and controls will be redesigned from the scratch. The company has kept all the things in mind while designing the new DualShock, that the users of previous versions of DualShock have asked for, and made the newer version more easy to use and have better control placement that makes it one of the best gamer controllers available for the gaming consoles. In all, the DualShock 5 will be more reliable and easier to use than the previous versions of DualShock and the latest versions of other gaming controllers. So, if you were looking for an easy to use and a reliable controller for the PlayStation, then you should wait for the DualShock 5 to release by the company.

  • Touch-based controls that make the overall interface more beautiful and more practical

The new DualShock 5  is going to have touch-based controls that make it a more advanced and easy to use the gadget in comparison with the other gaming controllers available in the market. This makes the overall functionality more fluid and you can control your gaming performance better than ever before. The touch-sensitive controls not only make it easier to control but makes it a better option for the gamers who love to spend hours to play their favorite games on their gaming consoles.

  • Smart device integration

Another great thing that you will notice while using the new DualShock 5 is the smart device integration. You won’t need to see your smartphones in amidst gaming to view the messages and other notification. By having the new DualShock 5, you can now view all the notification on your controller or to the screen which you are projecting the game screen. So, if you were looking for a technologically advanced and  easy to use gaming controller, you should once try your hands on the new DualShock 5 which is soon going to be announced by the company. The DualShock easily connect via Wi-Fi to smart devices like smart speakers and smartphones that not only enhances the usability of the gaming controller,

The users have numerous expectations from the new DualShock 5 controller and according to the rumors and the most talked about things that are making the gamers crazy for the newer version include the slim and easy to use design, touch-based controls, and the wireless charging capability. Due to these additions, the controllers will now be more easy to use and DualShocks can be now be used in several more ways. So, if you are planning to buy a new controller for your gaming console, then wait for the company to officially launch the DualShock 5. Believe us, the DualShock 5 will be worth waiting for.

DualShock 5 Release date and Price

Although it is nothing official about the launch date and price of the DualShock 5, but the rumors are that the new Dualshock will be launched with the new PlayStation 5, which is scheduled to launch in the last quarter of the year 2019, or in 2021. So, there is plenty of time for you to decide whether you should wait for the new launch, or not. Talking about the probable cost of the controller, it would somewhere between 90-100 USD which is justified as per the features and advancements it will have in comparison with the previous generations of DualShock.


In all, the DualShock 5 is a brilliant upgrade for all the gamers who are looking to have something new and exciting. Additionally, if you are a more technology-loving person who loves to have the latest gadget with you even while gaming, the DualShock 5 will be a great addition to your gadgets. So, instead of buying a new controller for your gaming console now, wait for a few days, and upgrade your controller when the company launches the new DualShock 5 and the new PlayStation 5.

By choosing the latest gaming controller for your device, you can easily expect the best ever performance while gaming and using the other functions of the PlayStation. So, waiting for the DualShock 5 won’t be a bad choice if you are looking for a performance oriented gadget for yourself.

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